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How to open a beauty center: Cost, Requirement & Tips

Aesthetics and well-being are always important things in everyone’s life. In today’s age, not only women but also men are conscious about their bodies and beauty. So opening a beauty center can be beneficial in this competitive industry. But almost everyone has the same question: “How to open a beauty center” in a perfect and legal way. Because starting a business without proper knowledge can be harmful and lead to huge loss.

Today we will know all the information you need to open a beauty center. From cost to legal action, each and everything in detail to make the way easy for you. With a perfect beauty center business plan, you can generate more sales and manage your beauty salon perfectly. Let’s dig deep into it.

A checklist for starting a salon – Beauty center business plan

  • Prepare your salon concept
  • Choose the right salon location
  • Complete licensing requirements.
  • Register your business
  • Assess the cost and your budgets
  • Create business plan
  • Buy quality salon equipment.
  • Hire skilled staffs
  • Outline your offer and service
  • Make an updated marketing strategy

Opening a Beauty Center: Rules and Regulations

To open a beauty salon, you must complete a course of study in the field of beauty that is officially recognized at the national level. Also, having a Diploma in Cosmetology is mandatory. 

Three sets of laws govern the sector under which beauty centers fall:

  1. No. 1 of 4 January 1990
  2. No. 352 of 21 March 1994 (Inter-Ministerial Decree)
  3. The subsequent one of 2011

These three laws describe the activities performed by a beautician and dictate all services and treatments performed on the client’s body surface. However, you need a minimum of 2 years of regional course followed by 1 year of specialization.

How much does it cost to open a beauty salon

How much does it cost to open a beauty salon?

Costs for beauty salons vary depending on many factors. It involves the places where you want to open the beauty center, the services you provide, and the products you use. Also, you need to figure out your budgets for:

  • The shop rent
  • Utility bill
  • Product price
  • The machinery expense
  • Equipment outlay
  • Staff salary
  • Marketing and promotion cost

Unfortunately, the cost is too high, and many beauticians give up on their dream. You can set a budget of around €40,000/50,000 for initial expenses. If you want to open a franchised beauty center, it requires an initial investment of €10,000 to €15,000. This budget is much less than opening a center with complete autonomy.

If you are not an expert in this field, then you must hire a professional. The sad news is that a professional beautician’s salary ranges between €18,774 and €29,907 per year. Also, in Italy, they charge €12 per hour. However, you can earn more than you spend with the right strategy.

One way to lower the costs is by partnering your store with relevant businesses such as hair and nail salons. In this way, you can save the rental and management costs. Furthermore, it will help you to advertise your services. Or, you can apply for loans from Credit institutions and financial companies.

What does it take to open a beauty center

What does it take to open a beauty center? – Bureaucratic process

  • Open a VAT Number
  • Registration Company (Chamber of Commerce)
  • Get a license for productive activity from the Municipality
  • Obtain certification for hygienic-sanitary authorization from the reference ASL.
  • Communication of the Start of Activity from the relevant Municipality
  • Open INPS and INAIL positions for your employees.
  • Appoint a Head or manager of the beauty center.


What are the primary challenges for a beauty salon?

After opening a beauty salon, one has to face many difficult situations. Not only you but every beautician goes through this situation. Many of them give up here and lose their hope. But if you have the proper knowledge, you can overcome these challenges. Below are some key challenges:

  • Finding Skilled staff
  • Product selections
  • Team management
  • Appointment management
  • Earn Customer satisfaction
  • Balance revenues and expenses 
  • Competitive market

Where to open a beauty center?

Almost every beautician is confused about choosing a location for a beauty center. Because if you don’t select the right areas, it can hamper your business. Also, you have to suffer to get clients. 

Choose a central and busiest area that is almost always crowded. Discover a location such as a city center, the most affluent area of ​​your Municipality, a shopping street, or a large shopping center. Make sure your business is easy to find and accessible.

You can choose a populated area that is close to other businesses. Try to put the location on Google Maps so customers can find you easily. Create a welcoming atmosphere and promote your business on social media. Also, effective business management can improve customer satisfaction and word of mouth advertising.

Conclusion – “How to open a beauty center”

As you can see, opening a beauty center requires a lot of information and expenses. It’s not only a profession but also helps people to keep themselves healthy and boost their self confidence. Starting a new business is very difficult. So, consult a professional and research the market first. Also, you can attend the beauty event and contact the owner for an initial discussion about the cost of the event. It can help you set your budget and generate ideas for promotions.

Sometimes it costs more than the budget. Don’t give up, and prepare yourself to overcome setbacks. First, gather information, do industry research, and set an overall budget. Always position yourself with professional associates and partners. With the proper learning, you will be a successful professional beautician.

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