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Appointment diary for beauticians, hairdressers and spas

Introducing Appointment Diary Software—an innovative solution designed to streamline your scheduling process, boost productivity, and free up your valuable time. Our finely crafted diary combines functionality with style, ensuring you never miss a beat at an affordable price.


Harness the Potential of Free Software for Appointment Management and Online Reservations

In today's bustling world, managing appointments and staying on top of your schedule can feel like an endless juggling act. But fear not! There's a revolutionary tool that can transform the way you handle your appointments and bring order to the chaos. 

Streamline your workflow and bid farewell to scheduling headaches. Our innovative software empowers you to take control of your schedule with ease and efficiency. Uncover hidden features and delightful surprises as you navigate through appointments. 

Our intelligent system seamlessly integrates with your calendar. Enjoy automated reminders, customizable notifications, insightful analytics, and reporting. Sign up for our free trial to revolutionize your scheduling experience. 

Don't worry; you don't need any credit card details and can easily cancel anytime. The future awaits – embrace it today and unlock the power of our agenda software to boost your productivity.

Free Appointment Management Software For Beauticians, Hairdressers And Spas

User-friendly appointment management software
  • Free Email Reminders to Customers
  • Secure Payment Management 
  • Customizable Calendar View
  • Sale of Gift and Loyalty Cards
  • Prepaid Packages Sale
  • Statistics and Reports
  • Multi-User Management
  • Receive Unlimited Bookings 24/7
  • Easy Customization 
  • Qr Code for Easy Access 
  • 24/7 Customer Support
Cloud and bird
Cloud and bird

Statistics and Reports

Our hairdresser diary provides comprehensive statistical analysis and generates detailed reports, giving you valuable information on bookings, customer trends, staff performance, and more. By leveraging these insights, you can optimize operations, identify growth opportunities, and drive your business forward with confidence.

barber booking software - Enhance customer satisfaction
Free Online Appointment Schedule Management Software For Beauty Centers

Easy Customization

Services are the heart of any appointment scheduling system, defining the purpose of the reservation. (whether it’s a beauty treatment, massage, or table booking). Our software lets you easily associate each service with the appropriate staff member and resources required, ensuring a seamless and efficient customer booking experience. Our online calendar applications are highly customizable. Easily customize everything to make your service user-friendly and attractive as per your customer’s needs.

Try Our Online Appointment Calendar

Maximize customer loyalty with minimal effort by delivering tailored experiences that make a lasting impression.

Boost your business revenue and customer satisfaction with the sale of gift cards. Offering a versatile and convenient gifting option, gift cards attract new customers, promote brand loyalty, and drive future sales. Tap into this profitable market and unlock new opportunities for your business with our online customer management software.

Elevate customer loyalty and engagement with personalized loyalty cards. Reward your valued customers for their continued support by offering exclusive benefits, discounts, and incentives. By implementing a loyalty card program, you can foster stronger customer relationships, increase repeat business, and build a loyal customer base that drives long-term success.

With our digital diary app, Maximize convenience and boost sales by offering prepaid packages online. Empower your customers to easily purchase prepaid packages through your website, providing them with flexible options for future services. Increase revenue, foster customer loyalty, and simplify the booking process, all with a seamless and convenient online experience.

Boost customer engagement and reduce no-shows with free email reminders. With our online agenda, Keep your customers informed and engaged by sending automated reminders for appointments, promotions, and important updates, all at no additional cost. Enhance customer satisfaction and ensure a seamless experience with timely and personalized reminders.

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    Prenotazioni Cloud is a solution for businesses like beauticians, hairdressers, barber shops, and restaurants. Move beyond traditional paper planners and simplify your booking process. Reduce no-shows and improve customer experience with our online customer management system.

    Our user-friendly platform allows you to manage appointments effortlessly, accept online reservations 24/7, and enjoy instant calendar updates on all devices. Make it easy for consumers to book your service at any time from anywhere and on any device. Let Prenotazioni Cloud be your partner for streamlined planning and enhanced customer experience.

    24/7 customer support if you need any help with the software

    Experience outstanding support with our 24/7 customer service team, dedicated to assisting you with any software-related queries or issues. We are highly committed to ensuring your 100% satisfaction and success. Our target always strives to provide prompt and reliable support whenever you need it. We aim to empower you to harness our software’s full potential and confidently achieve your goals. Rest assured; our team is here to help you maximize the potential of our software and overcome any challenges along the way.

    Prenotazioni Cloud Appointment diary 24-7 customer support

    You can add a button that redirects your customers to the subdomain of your choice to make reservations.

    You will receive an email whenever a customer makes an appointment or reservation. You can view your online agenda anytime to see your reservations and the waiting list. Furthermore, at the beginning of the day, you will get an email with a summary of the day's reservations.

    Payments are managed through the Stripe platform, which adopts very high-security standards. Stripe is a PCI Level 1 Certified Service Provider, the strictest certification level available in the payments industry. All card numbers are encrypted with AES-256. Description keys are stored on separate machines.

    Yes, this software is suitable for managing reservations at restaurants. Our user-friendly software lets you manage your restaurant's table booking and enhance customer experience.

    Our booking engine provides a 14-day trial period without obligation. For registration, it is not necessary to enter credit card details.

    Our reservation system allows the manager to set the minimum notice, in days, with which the customer can make a reservation.

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