7 frasi persuasive per vendere qualsiasi cosa

7 persuasive phrases to sell anything – Handpick phrases that work

Turning customers into satisfied friends is not a piece of cake, but whenever you can do it, the success is yours. No matter what your business is, you need persuasive phrases to grab the attention of customers that will draw them in at first glance. But do you know how to make these sentences? Well, don’t worry. I have 7 persuasive phrases to sell anything. From how to why, let’s reveal the secret!

Phrases to attract customers – How, Why and What

In the world of marketing, the words can be very powerful that can inspire, motivate and convince people. Persuasion is very important when it comes to selling. With this skill, you can easily convince people to buy your product or service from you. So, what are these words? Here are some examples of persuasive phrases that can help you to generate more leads.

  • Gifts
  • New / News or Improved
  • Savings
  • Guaranteed
  • Easy and More
  • Result / Benefit
  • Special (YOU)

Let’s go deeper!

Gift (Not Free) – Who does not like gifts!

“Gift” is the most potent persuasive word for sales because it makes people feel special. When we hear this word, it reminds us of special times, like Christmas and all the joyful emotions. It also evokes a sense of wonder, emotion and celebration. So it is more effective than the word “Gift”. Here are some examples:

  • “Buy [Product name] and get a surprise gift today.”
  • “For [date] only, with the purchase of [product name], you will receive a special gift.”
  • “This special gift awaits you; visit our store today!”

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New or Improved – Exciting news!

We are always curious about new things. Make an exciting announcement to make clients curious if you have a new collection or an improvement to your product or service. Here are some examples:

  • “Be the first person to have this new [product name]!”
  • “Modern and Trendy; just the way you want it.”
  • “Discover our new product fountain; it’s gonna be fun.”
  • “The most wanted [product name] with a new vibe!”
Savings and Offers - Time limited deals

Savings and Offers – Time limited deals

“Limited” is another great word that encourages people to buy. If you have a limited time deal, then this persuasive phrase is best for you. This means that the offer will not be applicable after a limited time. Insisting that the economic benefit is limited to a time frame means increasing the likelihood that it will be seen as an opportunity to seize. Here are some examples:

  • “Get special offers on [Product Name]; Time is short!”
  • “Buy five products and get 15% off. Time is running out!”
  • “Save 30% on purchases over 300€, limited time. Don’t miss out!”
  • “Get a 25% discount on your first purchase.”

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Guaranteed – Try it without any risk.

This term builds confidence in the buyer and helps him make a purchase decision. They feel safe since there will be no regrets if they buy. Usually, this works if you have a high quality product, so you can confidently ensure a money back guarantee. These phrases greatly lower the user’s defensive barriers and, therefore, rightly feel more confident in performing the action. Here are some examples:

  • “Buy with Money Back Guarantee”
  • “15 days free trial; No credit card required”
  • “Buy without worries and be safe with money back Guarantee.”

Result and Benefit – Why it’s best for you?

Highlighting results and benefits are always persuasive words for selling. People are always interested in knowing about the results, and it is easy to decide to buy when they know the benefits. Use it in your marketing strategy and see the results. Here are some examples:

  • “[Product name] offers you the best result…”
  • “The advantage of this product…”
  • “With our product, you will get [Benefits]…”

Easy and More – Best phrases to sell a product

When we hear the word “Easy”, it builds confidence. And the interesting thing is that it is widely used. People always prefer solutions that make their lives easier. Here are some uses of this word:

  • “Simple and easy to use.”
  • “The easy way for…”
  • “Makes your work easier.”
  • “The easiest way to do…”

(YOU) – Persuasive words for selling

Always puts clients first and makes them feel special. People always look for priority; no matter how good your product is, they first see what the product can do for them. You will easily connect with them when you communicate with them from heart to heart. Let’s see some examples:

  • “Get limited time offers, just for you!’
  • “You are special to us; get this special product just for YOU!”
  • “[Product Name] makes you more beautiful.”

Persuasive words for selling: 3 things that you need to focus

  • Make the first impression more special
  • Redefine what your product or service is about
  • Why is it essential to buy it, and what are its benefits
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