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Hairdressing furnishing ideas – Elegant Hairdressing Salon Design

Whether you want to furnish your new hair salon or renovate your salon, following the trends is always mandatory. Because when your customers visit your salon, they expect a lot from you. And a well-decorated space can make them confident to take your services. Not only that, it will increase the chances of repeat visits and word of mouth advertising. People will love to recommend your salon to others. Now you may have a question, “How do you do that?” And “Where do you start? Don’t worry; we’re here to clear all the confusion and simplify the process for you. In this article, we’ll explore the best hairdressing furnishing ideas for 2024 that will blow your mind. Also, you can satisfy your customers and attract them. So, it’s time to reveal the secret!

How to furnish a hairdressing salon – modern hair salon ideas

  • Calculate space
  • Salon theme and color
  • Salon furniture and chairs
  • Lighting
  • Modern Mirrors
  • Reception and waiting room

Calculate space

If you have a small space, it is expected to have questions in mind: how can I furnish a small salon? It is always better to hire a professional designer to calculate the space. With a proper guide you can decorate your hair salon with clean lines and a few pieces of furniture with colorful light walls. 

Or, if you have a large space, then you can optimize it by dividing it into areas. First, calculate the areas and decide on the furniture. Also, think about the clients’ preferences, what they will like, and what will attract them.

Salon theme and color

Always keep in mind the trends when choosing style and colors. There are so many ideas for hair salons, but you have to choose them by deciding what you want to express. Keeping your technical area close to natural light is always the best option. It creates an authentic vibe and gives a natural feel. 

You can choose classic colors, but it is also important to mix with trends. With a touch of modern color, your space can be transformed into a magical place. Choose colorful shades if you want a modern style. Or, If you want to create a romantic style, opt for red. And, if you like classic, then opt for deep colours.

Salon furniture and chairs

How do I choose the furniture? Classic or Vintage? Consider size, color, and price. Choosing furniture isn’t just a trendy selection; there’s a lot to think about. Opt for comfort with elegance. Also, remember the colour of your theme. Nowadays, The trend is to mix furniture with glass and metal. Did you like the old vibe? Don’t worry, go for it. Vintage or retro furniture is best for creating a historical vibe.

Making the client comfortable means they are more likely to come back to your place and increase your sales. The main goal is to ensure the clients are in their comfort zone and satisfy them to get positive feedback.

The most important – Lighting

A well Lighting space can magically transform your salon’s whole look. Make your technical room where natural light can easily enter your salon. It will be good for both unique and cost savings. The light must be soft and not so white that it directly highlights everyone’s imperfections. This can make for an uncomfortable moment. Plus, use table lamps to create an extra relaxed vibe.

Modern Mirrors

Mirrors are the most essential aspect that must be considered carefully when opting for a modern style hairdressing salon. Use mirrors of different design shapes for different areas. Mirrors with LED lights, inclined mirrors, and wall mirrors are the popular choice for hair salons.

Reception and waiting room

The reception or waiting room is the first place where clients can get an idea of ​​your salon. Your journey with clients starts from there, so creating a welcoming vibe is vital. You can showcase your product, offer free Wi-Fi, and decorate with lights in your reception area. Also, keep enough space in your reception area so that clients can sit without getting bored. Again, creating a selfie area can attract customers and engage them in sharing their photos on social media. It will also be a great way to promote your salon

How to manage a hair salon – Pro Tips

Running a hairdressing salon is not a piece of cake; it requires proper and professional approaches. So, how can you do that? Don’t worry; you can simplify your management process with the right strategy

  • Simplify your booking process
  • Use digital solution, A trusted booking engine
  • Create clear cancellation policies
  • Reduce no-shows
  • Use a secure payment method.
  • Send reminder messages
  • Promote your hair salon

How much does a management software for hairdressers cost?

It’s affordable, and many booking systems offer free trials. You can try them for free and choose the best one for you. Also, you don’t have to provide credit card details. Try the booking software for free and cancel at any time.

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