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Summer beauty promotions – Cool ideas to boost your salon 2024

Summer is the best time for any business to promote their service. During summer, it’s time for vacations, weddings, and family get together. So, people want to refresh themselves and want a glowing skin. Fortunately, you can help your clients shine themselves and reduce their stress. So, it’s high time for summer beauty promotions. It not just only increases your sales but also keeps your business top of mind. So what are you waiting for? Let’s make your clients happy with these great summer pro ideas.

8 summer beauty promotions ideas – Convert strangers into clients

To attract customers to your salon, you need to think smart. Your clients need to trust you and feel comfortable with you. Not only that, you need to convince them that you are the one who will solve their season’s skin, hair, and beauty needs. So, How can I do that? Don’t worry; here are the proven strategies:

  • Give your website a summer vibe
  • Create summer specific deals.
  • Selling Gift cards is best for attract clients
  • Be smart – Use an Online Booking System
  • Run a contest on social media.
  • Launch a summer marketing campaign 
  • Highlight products that people can use during summer
  • Give a massive thank you to your customers

Give your website a summer vibe

The website is like your online store, and in this digital world, everyone prefers to book services online. You must inform them about your summer beauty offer. You can create a “Seasonal Offers” page or create a pop up. So that when customers visit your website, they can easily know about the latest offers and buy them.

Create summer specific deals.

“I cannot add new treatments or services to my salon menu. What should I do?” Well, for this situation, you can create unique packages with your popular services. For example, combine your popular service with a small service. This way, you can get sales for both of your services. Be sure to highlight the season and make it clear that the offer is for a limited time.

Use Online Booking System

Use Online Booking System

Running a beauty salon is not a piece of cake. Everything must be perfect, from booking appointments to sending confirmation emails and seeking client feedback. Sometimes, you have to face unexpected errors. The result is bad client reviews, no shows and more. What are the solutions? Well, in this digital era, you need to think smart. Forget the pen and paper, use online booking software. 

It can help you reduce no-shows, promote your business, and increase sales. Not only this, it saves time for both you and your customers, and they can book your services anytime, anywhere. Also, with an online agenda, you can send reminders to customers so they don’t miss their bookings. Try before you buy; many booking systems offer free trials. Use them for free and find the right one for you. Don’t worry; no credit card is required, and you can cancel at any time.

Run a contest on social media.

Social media contests are a great way to attract and engage clients with you. Plus, it helps to grow your social channels and encourage clients to follow your brand. Not only that, but they tag their friends and tell them about your services. Choose a summer specific service your clients will likely be excited about. It could be pedicures or blowouts.

Launch a summer marketing campaign. 

Running a social media campaign can engage your audience and drive more traffic to your place. Design a cool campaign and mention the offers that promote your summer service. Be sure to reply to all comments and respect all customer feedback, good or bad. 

Highlight products that people can use during summer.

Do you have retail products? Don’t be late! Take advantage of summer. Open up your summer friendly product and hint at clients during appointments or on social media. By promoting products, you can boost your sales.

Selling Gift cards is best for attract clients

Selling Gift cards is best for attract clients

Selling gift cards to your loyal clients can boost the chance of repurchase. Plus, it creates a better bond with the customers and increases the chances of word of mouth promotion. For example, give a 10% discount for any service or a 15% discount for purchases over $200.

Give a massive thank you to your customers.

Don’t forget to say thank you to your loyal clients. Sowing respect and care will make them happy and satisfied. Offer your loyal clients gift cards with a thank you note. Additionally, you can arrange an event where you can talk about your new product and offer freebies. If nothing else, create a heartfelt social post or email to thank them. This way, you can get closer to your loyal clients, and they can refer your services to their friends and family.

Aesthetic Valentine’s Day promotion

February 14 is coming! Show love and care to your customers this Valentine’s Day. However, this is a great chance to promote beauty salons and increase sales. Try these marketing strategies to surprise your clients and boost your sales.

  • Make a Valentine’s Day gift
  • Create unique beauty packages for couples.
  • Offer something sweet for everyone, like chocolate
  • Give complementary red flowers.
  • Email your clients Valentine’s Day Cards
  • Partner with relevant local business 
  • Host a Valentine’s Day event
  • Attend community events
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