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Open 24 hours a day every day

Online booking allows your customers to know your times and your availability and frame an appointment at your salon based on their personal needs. According to some estimates, around half of salon customers book their appointments outside salon opening hours. Your beauty salon will always be accessible and you will not lose reservations.

Analyze data to offer the best service

The human relationship will always be a determining factor for your beauty salon, but an online booking service can help you collect an important amount of data for analysis in a simple way. For each booking of each customer you will know exactly which treatment they have received and this will allow you to always offer your customers an excellent service over time: all information will be at your fingertips.

Reach your customers

An online booking service allows you to add a link on your website for your clients to book at your salon. You can do the same thing on your social channels like Facebook and Instagram. This allows you to offer more options to your clients who maybe, in the evening, while looking at social media posts, remember a treatment to do and book at your salon. Convenient for customers and beneficial for the beauty salon manager.

There are many advantages that a hairdresser, beautician, wellness center, hair removal center, spa, barber shop and all beauty salons can obtain from offering an online booking service to their customers.

If you want to offer an online booking service for your beauty salon customers, contact us for a free demo

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