Put an end to no-shows

After purchasing a prepaid experience at your restaurant, customers will guarantee their presence and certain income.
You will not have tables booked without customers and this will allow you to optimize your dining room and be able to welcome as many customers as possible.

Increase profits

Our reservation system allows you to sell prepaid experiences. You will know exactly how many people will come to your restaurant: stop wasting.
Buying prepaid experiences will give you a secure cash flow.

For all types of restaurant

Regular lunch and dinner

Wine tastings

Special days like Valentine’s, Christmas and New Year’s

Exclusive dining events

Secure Payment

An essential factor in selling prepaid experiences is payment security. Credit card details should not be entered into a restaurant website or sent by email. The transaction must always be made on the website of the bank or authorized credit card operator. Credit card data is not stored on our platform. Our booking system is powered by Stripe platform.

Sell restaurant prepaid experience with Prenotazioni Cloud

Our platform allows the manager to receive reservations in different ways based on his specific needs. The manager can decide that a simple email is enough, can ask for a credit card as a guarantee, can ask for a deposit on the booking or sell a prepaid experience.

You can contact us and book a free demo and sell prepaid experiences in your restaurant.

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