Beauty Center Christmas Promotions

Beauty Center Christmas Promotions – Must for every salon owner

November to December is the best for planning new strategies for your beauty salon business. Because Christmas is the high time to go closer and create a good bond with your customers. Everyone expects new gifts and wishes on Christmas, so your wish or gift can soften their heart and create a space for you. 

So, create a strong Beauty Center Christmas Promotions strategy that will help your business to get new customers and build friendships with old ones. Let’s know the secret promotion tricks that will blow up your mind.

7 Perfect Beauty Center Christmas Promo Tricks

Christmas is the perfect time to increase your income. Not only that, it keeps you closer to your customers and increases brand value. You can promote your beauty salons both online and offline for Christmas. Let’s dig deeper and take note!

Plan your Christmas marketing strategy. 

Note your plan step by step to accomplish them. Get a clear idea about cost and the right time for marketing. Here are some considerations while doing a promo plan:

  • Promotion Cost
  • Select gifts
  • Create package
  • Design social post
  • Prepare Gift cards
  • Salon decoration
  • Send Christmas greetings messages
Provide Christmas themed gift cards

Provide Christmas themed gift cards

Be Santa to your customers and greet them first. It will have a pleasing effect on your relationship. Create gift or loyalty cards for your clients. In gift cards, you can give a buy one get one offer or an OTO offer. Also, you can offer discounts for regular service. Now, the most important thing, remember to say “Thanks” to your esteemed clients.

Place gift voucher banners around your salon to aware your clients. You can email or text them to let them know that gift vouchers are available. Sending reminder emails for gift vouchers is also a great idea to increase your sales.

Inform your clients with mass messages

Create engaging Christmas messages and send them to your clients. Also, you can post them on your social group. Choose different types of attractive email templates and add your logo. Send reminders like “10 days to go” to remind customers about your gift cards. Don’t forget to send a greeting message!

Promote your services on social media

These days, social media is a great tool to get closer to your potential audience. Post regular updates on social media and let them know about your upcoming Christmas party. This will increase your sales as well as build a community. Use a custom #hashtag on social media and ask clients to use it to receive offers.

Design engaging posts and schedule them to be posted at a specific time each day. It’s a great idea to share Christmas quotes and Thank you messages for clients. Also, Share your beauty salon’s Christmas decoration images and videos. Creating a selfie corner can be a unique tool to engage clients. The customer will share their photos on social media, which can be a great chance to promote your salon.

Offers aesthetic treatment packages

Offering packages of your services is always a great idea. Create packages of small and standard services that customers typically want together. For example, massage with a full body scrub or threading with a simple haircut. Since Christmas is the best time to sell boxes, take the opportunity to make customers fall in love with your service. 

Manage your time like a pro

Have a clear goal and schedule your time to minimize unwanted distractions. It will improve your ability to work and enhance service. Effectively managing your time will avoid crowding. Also, using time management software can help you reduce your workload.

Hosting a Christmas Party is a best idea for Beauty Center Christmas Promotions

Host a Christmas Party

Organize a Christmas party and invite loyal clients. Offer them a special dinner to make the bond strong. If possible, you can also invite famous brand owners to your party. Spend quality time with clients at the party and rouse them to give feedback about your service. Go ahead and let the party begin!

Christmas gift ideas for aesthetic customers

Here are some Christmas gift ideas to make your customers happy:

  • Hats & Caps.
  • Skincare products
  • Hair Accessories
  • Sunglasses
  • Cosmetic Bags.
  • Barrettes & Clips
  • Inspirational Keychain
  • Box of chocolate
  • Sweets Boxes
  • Flowers or Plants
  • Comfy Sock Pack

Ideas for Beauty Center Opening Gift

Have you recently opened a beauty center? Great. Here are some exciting gift ideas for new beauty center openings:

  • Printed Mug
  • A headband or hair clip
  • Ornament
  • Flowers and plants
  • T-shirt or makeup bag
  • A fabric pouch with your logo
  • Gift Card 

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