Christmas Gift Ideas for Beauty Clients

Christmas Gift Ideas for Beauty Clients 2023 – Build Loyalty

Christmas is a wonderful time to show your clients how much you care about them. Also, it’s high time to promote your business and increase your sales. Sending your customers Christmas gifts is one kind of promotion, and it helps to create a good relationship between you and your customers. But as almost every beauty salon owner follows the same strategy, that’s why you need to think uniquely to stay apart from the crowd. From this concern, we make a depth research and find the best Christmas gift ideas for beauty clients. Let’s know the secret!

Christmas gifts for beauty center customers

Choosing gifts for friends and family is much easier. Because we already know their preferences. But choosing gifts for business clients is more tricky. Because you need to keep in mind to highlight the purpose and relevance of your business. You must thank your highest spending clients and encourage new loyal customers to stay with you. Also, choose a gift that’s cute enough that clients wants to share it on their social media. Here is the Gifts:

  • Scented Candles
  • Plant Sets
  • Gift Vouchers or Coupon 
  • Salon Gift Basket
  • Sweets and Chocolates
  • Custom Gifts with Company Logo

Scented Candles

Scented Candles are a perfect gift to make the Christmas more impressive. People like to light the candle at Christmas, so that would be the best gift for everyone. Buy some small and cute candles rather than big ones. It will be more stunning and will make your customers happy on Christmas.

Plant Sets

Who does not love nature? Choosing a plant set as a gift is all time favourite for everyone. You can select orchids, moth orchids, peace lilies and anthurium plants as gifts. Plants can be a neat gift for customers that will remind them of you when they see them.

Gift Vouchers or Coupon 

Giving a coupon as a gift can be a promotional idea. Give customers a 10% – 20% discount that they can use for their next service. It will be beneficial for both of you. They can get services for less money, and you can get more sales during Christmas. 

Are there any small, relevant local businesses that you could partner with? Like, if there is a small nail salon and both of your clients get a 15% discount, they can spend on your services. In this way, both of you can get new customers.

Salon gift Basket

A gift basket is always a top idea to send your loyal clients. In a gift box, you can give your latest product so that they know about it. Plus, choose their favourite products so that they can enjoy their spa experience at home.

Sweets and Chocolates

Who does not like Sweets and Chocolates? People of all ages love sweets and chocolates. If you want a budget friendly gift, the best choice is sweets. 

Custom Gifts with Company Logo

To promote your business during Christmas, customized gifts are best. You can customize them with your company name and logo. Also, you can add Christmas quotes. There are many options to choose from for customize like:

  • Makeup bag
  • Tote Bags
  • Mirrors
  • Key Fobs
  • Mason Jars
Christmas gifts for hairdressing clients

Christmas gifts for hairdressing clients

Here are some cute Christmas gifts for hairdressing clients:

  1. Hair Clip
  2. Hair comb set
  3. Hair care kit
  4. Hair cap with logo
  5. Bath bomb
  6. A Handmade Gift
  7. Bakery Item
  8. Scented Candles
  9. Coupon and Gift Cards

Phrases for beauty center gift vouchers

Here are some awesome phrases for beauty center gift vouchers:

  • “Looking beautiful is our birthright.”
  • “We’re here to make you feel confident.”
  • “Gift cards for Shining Star”
  • “Looks great, feels great. Gift cards for beauties.”
  • “Merry Christmas. Here is your Gift from Santa.”
  • “Let’s glow and shine together.’
  • “Take a break from the world, we’re here to help you feel beautiful.”
  • “Soothe your body and soul with our gift cards.”

What to give for inauguration of the hairdresser shop

After opening a hairdresser shop, it’s time to promote and inform clients about your salon. At this stage, almost every salon owner faces a challenging situation when choosing an opening gift. Don’t worry; There are many budget friendly options for hairdresser shop opening gifts. You can choose hair clips, hair masks, tote bags with logos, plants, hair caps with logos and many more. So, choose your favourite one!

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