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How to become a hairdresser – Skill, Licence and Certificate 2024

Do you like hair art? Are you looking for the answer to how to become a hairdresser? Oh, yes, you are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to achieve your goals and become a professional hairdresser.

In recent years, being a hair dresser has become the most popular profession, especially among the younger generation. Most of us choose it for our career but really don’t know where to start and what we need to start. To become a successful barber, you must be clear about your goals and vision. Also, there are some requirements that you must have. So, let’s dig deep and know the secrets to turning your passion into a career.

How to Become a Barber or Hairdresser – Profession of Hairdresser

We rely on them to feel tidy and improve our presentation. They develop new designs and styles using customer tastes and their creativity. A barber does more than just cut hair. With the most common operations, such as hair washing, drying, and cutting, he can do more or less basic treatment, look change, and more. There are many other tasks behind the scenes, like cleaning the floor, towels, brushes, and other tools. To do this, he needs keen skills as customers trust him.

  • Set a clear goal
  • Skills and requirements
  • Training course
  • Qualification
  • Certificates and Licenses

Let’s go more deeper!

Set a clear goal to become a hairdresser.

Having a clear goal is vital to find the right path. You may want to become a professional hairdresser or a successful employee or open your own hair salon. You see, how many goals there are. So you have to find your own goals so that you don’t go wrong and deviate from your goal. It will also give you a clear guide so that you can complete it one by one.

Skills and Requirements

As a pro hairdresser, you must be a good communicator who always listens to clients requests and opts for their opinions. You must think smart and always make clients happy with your creative work. Cutting, styling, dying, bleaching, treating, and combing are essential and must-know skills, but you need more than that. It is important to have a basic knowledge of tools and products. Also, a hair stylist must have sound knowledge of dermatology, hair, and scalp physiology. Because to handle bleaches and dyes in an pro way, you must know their chemical properties and interactions with the skin. Also, You must be modern and trendy and have an idea of ​​what design or style goes with your client’s face. It is not enough to just know the hairstyle, you have to work very calmly without rushing. However, no one wants to burn their ears or hair.

Simply put, here are some basic skills that every hairdresser must have:

  • Listening and communication skills
  • Sense of trends, imagination, and creativity
  • Customer connection
  • Equipment and products
  • Sense of ratio and size
  • Manual skill
  • Management skill
Hairdressers training courses - How to become a hairdresser

Hairdressers training courses

Taking a course is essential to enhance your skills and earn a certificate. You can take a two year course at a hairdressing school and obtain a certificate. Then a specialization course for one year that allows you to practice the profession. After completing the courses you are qualified as a hairdresser. It shows that you are highly qualified and serious about your work. But if you want, you can go for an internship or work as an employee to gather more knowledge.

Qualification to open hairdresser shop

According to Law n.174/2005 in Italy, it’s necessary to follow a standard training path to open a hair salon. This includes attending a course and taking an exam to gain a professional qualification. You must complete one of these three possible formulas:

  • If you qualify as a hairdresser after a two year training course, you must complete one year of practical experience.
  • If you are not qualified but have at least three years of work experience, you must do a theory course.
  • If you have no qualifications but have done an internship, you only need to combine a one-year placement in a hairdressing company and a theoretical course.

Hairdresser certificate and license

  • You must attend a hairdressing school for a total of 1820 hours or a 2-year qualification course. Or, after these two years, an induction period lasting one year may be carried out in a hairdressing salon, which will be carried out within two years. After the course you have to take the exam and earn the certificate.
  • If you have experience, then you can go for a 300-hour theoretical course to get the license.
Difference between barber and hairdresser

Difference between barber and hairdresser

There is not much contrast between a barber and a hairdresser. But, hairdressers specialize in colouring, cutting, washing, and blow drying. Also offers other services like product consultation. Barbers are specially trained to add elements like beard grooming and trim, timeless wet shaving, ear flaring, and hand friction massage.

How much a hairdresser earns on his own

Regarding earnings, it depends on experience. The salary can be 600 – 700 Euros for those who are just starting the profession. And 2,000 2,500 euros for those with a solid career and experience in beauty and hairstyling. Instead, for those who own a shop, their earnings depend on their business performance.

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