Cos'è la fidelity card

What is a loyalty card? – A to Z Explanations

As a business marketing strategy, we give Fidelity cards to our customers, but have we ever imagined what is a loyalty card? Why is it actually used? How can we get the best results from it? The loyalty card is a very effective and effective tool that provides benefits to both customers and sellers. A loyalty card is a physical or virtual card that a store, a business, or a brand reserves for customers to get various benefits. For sellers, the main objective is to reward loyal customers and encourage them to buy again. And for customers, they can enjoy a variety of exciting offers, discounts or freebies at a later time. It is a strong marketing tool that will increase your return clients and attract new ones. Also, since they are required to provide their name, surname, and email address, you can easily collect their data for remarketing. Let’s dig deep!

Types of loyalty cards – Which is the best?

There are two different types: physical and virtual loyalty cards. To create loyalty cards for business, you must evaluate the cost. You need to offer something like discounts, freebies, coupons, and early access to promotions. But the surprising thing is, in reality, your profit will be more than this small investment. Also, there is a cost for creating royalty cards; here, we need serious concerns. Let’s know in detail about these two types of cards:

Physical loyalty cards – Print your Cards

This is a paper or magnetic card that has your logo, contact details, and other information designed on it. And the good thing is that customers can easily carry it in their wallets as it is just like a credit card. It is mainly used by restaurants, pizzerias, or bar services. This works when a customer exceeds a specific purchase limit; they will be able to receive certain offers. But there are also some disadvantages, such as Many customers find it a hassle to carry and may not take up the offer as they forget to bring it with them when they come for service. However, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks; you can print cards with logos and information, which is an excellent word of mouth marketing method.

Virtual loyalty card – Online Based like Digital Currency

Nowadays, virtual cards are the most popular, and physical cards are also fast being replaced by virtual cards. It is similar to credit cards and e-wallets. The customer needs to download a wallet app on their smartphone, and they can enjoy the offer. Also, it is easy to carry, as it is an app or software on your smartphone. How does it work? They are identified by a code associated with individual customer data in the database. Once a given spending point is reached, the customer can enjoy the offers or freebies.

Come creare il tuo programma fedeltà!

How to create your loyalty program!

To get the best benefits from a loyalty program, you must create an attractive one and manage it efficiently. This is a great way to know the habits of your customers and satisfy them, which will help you increase repeat customers and, at the end of the day, high turnover. So try to get high value from your loyalty program. It’s also important to build and manage your loyalty program with the right tools. Here are some of the main things you should look for in a fidelity card:

  • Choose a great name with a deep meaning
  • Offer freebies to increase return customers
  • Offering different types of rewards, such as discounts or cash back, is always a great idea.
  • “Refer a Friend” Give a gift for a referral
  • Value your ‘points’
  • Make the entire process user-friendly and easy
  • Use social media to promote your offer
  • Most importantly, manage loyalty programs the right way
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