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Ideas Examples Hairdressing Promotions – Proven Way 2024

In this new year, you need new promotional ideas to get noticed in this big garden full of flowers of the hairdressing world. Now, the main thing is, “How to do it?”. Well, everyone wants to attract customers, but at the end of the day, the winner is the one who can update himself day to day. Don’t worry; You can do that by following some tips and tricks. Here are some proven and useful Ideas examples for Hairdressing Promotions that will help you to win. So, Ready for a deep dive? Let’s start!

Marketing for hairdressers 2024 – Ideas and Example

Your relationship with your customers is very sensitive, somewhat like your partner. At first, everything seems exciting and new, but as the days pass, everything starts to seem boring. What does it mean? This means you always have to understand the mind of the customer and innovate your services with new ideas. These may include special offers on special times, packages, discounts, and loyalty cards. Before that, you must know when which type of marketing is more effective. For example, summer promotions must not be the same as Valentine’s Day. Your promotions should be such as to attract new customers and encourage repeat purchases from old ones. Giving offers on small services can be a good idea, as almost every client wants to check you out before taking big services from you. Let’s know the points.

Special Rewards and Discounts

Providing discounts always works as a strategy to win new clients. And giving rewards or gift cards is perfect for improving the relationship with loyal clients. A discount offer lowers the wall to allow people who are already thinking about booking your service. You can use the code “Let’s be friends” or “Welcome, dear,” to give discounts on your first haircut. Also, Create an offer; when they bring a friend with them, they will get rewards.

Example: “Get a 25% discount on the first visit” or “Bring a friend and get 15% off every time.”

Create Service packages

Create Service packages

It is a good idea to create packages that include low cost services with high value services. Since people are afraid to take the high prize services first, this way, they will have the opportunity to try new and higher-priced services. Also, create a package that will include the low demanding service with best sellers.

Example: Shampoo + Hydrating Salt Conditioner + Mask

Seasonal promotions – Summer, Valentine, Christmas, Autumn e.t.c

Summer promotions and Christmas promotions will not work in the same way. You have to change your strategy according to the season. In summer, everyone wants to be comfy and relaxed. For summer, promote carefree hairstyles and products. Also, offer a two for one family special package. For the father & son special package, when the father takes the service, the son will get a 40% off. On the other hand, Christmas is very special to everyone, so sending gifts to loyal customers can create a good bond. Also, giving a welcome gift on the first visit can be a great idea.

Examples of promotional offers: For summer, “Buy two get one offer” and For Christmas, “Sending Gifts and Thanks note.”

Organize an Events

An online presence is essential but offline is even stronger because you can connect with customers directly. So, creating an event to promote new services or a loyalty program to reward clients is a great idea to strengthen the bond. My suggestion is to host an event at your salon and invite clients with a thank you note and a “bring a friend” code. This way, you get a chance to tell people about who you are and what services you provide.

Example: A New Year’s party or a Christmas event with welcome gifts. Or, if you are a new salon owner, create a salon opening party with opening gifts.

Take Advantage of Teamwork - Ideas Examples Hairdressing Promotions

Take Advantage of Teamwork

Collaborate with relevant local businesses where you can sell your services with their packages. In this way, you can get a chance to attract their loyal clients, and in the same way, they will give relevant service to your customers. Also, the customers will be satisfied as they will get beauty packages in one place. Additionally, team up with high following influencers to promote your services.

Example: If you team up with a beauty center, you can offer haircuts and trims. Or, invite an influencer to try your service and share the experience. Also, if someone uses a code with the influencer’s name, they will get a discount.

Decorate your hair salon.

A well organized salon and a comfortable atmosphere are always essential. This increases the chances of customers returning and repurchasing. You must choose a warm and relaxing theme, colors, and furniture. So, decorating your salon and giving it a welcoming feel can boost word of mouth marketing.

Example: Choose a light theme and color.

Make clients feel special – Hairdressers Promotions.

  • Celebrate in the salon (and online)
  • Dedicate a small gift to your customers
  • Celebrate the women on your staff
  • With clients on special occasion
  • Send push notifications, news, and updates with apps
  • Black Friday Offers
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