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How to become an event organizer – Steps and Requirement

Starting your career as an event organizer can be a great choice. As everyone wants to make their special days memorable, they need a professional event planner to take care of the day. An event planner plays an important role in creating not only special days but also business events and personal events more professional.

But the road to this profession is not very easy. There are many things you need to be a professional in this industry. Also, there are many competitors who are already working in the profession. For this, to survive in this industry and ensure your success, you need to prepare yourself as a pro. 

Now, you might have a question in your mind, “How to become an event organizer?”. No worry, in this article, we’ll cover every necessary step you need to know to become an event planner. Let’s go for it!

What to do to become an event organizer

5 things to become an event organizer:

  • Gain A solid knowledge base
  • Follow an appropriate training course
  • Gain experience and experiment
  • Create connections and Make a team
  • Take care of the legal aspects

Gain A Solid Knowledge Base

Gain solid knowledge about both this sector and the hospitality industry in general. It will help you make the right decisions when choosing the necessary steps. Always try to think differently from others who want the same job as you. 

People often have a preconceived notion that this job is:

  • Location selection
  • Theme and decor design
  • Collaborate with catering or restaurants
  • Organization of the entertainment sector

You can attend events and do internships to gather knowledge. Also, collaborating with large event management companies can help you learn about industry trends and more. 

Follow an appropriate training course

Follow an appropriate training course.

Generally, to be an event organizer, you don’t need any specific degree. But in this industry, you must have marketing and communication skills. First, analyze yourself, then start studying and experimenting in this field. For this, you can join many event organization courses. Many private institutions also offer event organization certificates.

It is mandatory to practice your manual and text skills. You can organize small events to implement the skills that you are learning. It will be an effective way to analyze your learning and find mistakes. There are many courses like organizing wedding events, birthday parties, business events, and more. But for better results, first, find out your area of ​​specialization and choose courses about it. 

Do experiment and gain experience

The third step will be to experiment with your knowledge and gain experience. For example, you can organize your home events like your parent’s wedding anniversary, sister’s birthday party, and more. It will help you to improve your idea and find the mistakes.

Furthermore, I prefer to intern with event organization companies or wedding planner agencies for practice. It will help you connect with new people and build your own community. Also, you can be stress free for not making first hand mistakes and destruction or unexpected things in events. 

Before starting your career, take time to understand the work process. Practice and explore new ideas as much as you can. Remember, different thoughts can set you apart from others. Always take full advantage of each experience, and you can see the magic as everything becomes smooth and effortless.

Create connections and Make a team

Create connections and Make a team.

To do this job, you need networking of contacts and a strong team. With a solid network base, you can easily promote your events and get new customers. Growing a network of connections can increase word of mouth advertising opportunities. Not only that, you can gain the trust of potential people.

Join every event of your all known person to grow your network. Also, you can do internships and make connections with your effective communications. In addition, you can help your relatives or close people to organize their events. 

The main and important part is to create a trustable and robust team. Without a work team, it’s impossible to handle all the steps effortlessly. However, you have to lead them to make the events more enjoyable and professional. Choose the quality and hard working team members and divide the work. With a trustworthy team, the process will be very easy, and you can finish the events successfully.

Take care of the legal aspects.

To start your business from scratch, there are certain legal aspects or bureaucratic commitments to comply with:

  • Open a specific VAT number
  • Register your business at the relevant Chamber of Commerce
  • Get a business license
  • Get the necessary permits (For public events)
  • Register with INPS

What course of study must be followed

Generally speaking, no specific degree is required to become an event planner. But, it is essential to follow an adequate training path or develop knowledge to grow your career successfully. You can choose courses; many institutes offer event organization courses with certificates. Also, you can opt for communication sciences and marketing skills, as it is essential to become an event planner.

Besides them, you also have to:

  • Good communication skills
  • Budget management skills
  • Fundamentals of time management skill
  • Knowledge of management systems
  • Marketing skill
How much does an event organizer earn

How much does an event organizer earn

The average salary of an event organizer is around €36000-€40000 per year. Junior or Entry level organizers (with little experience) can earn €18000-€20000 yearly. At the same time, an experienced organizer can earn up to €50000-€60000 annually. In fact, event manager salary varies based on years of experience.

How to organize a successful event

6 steps to organize an event:

  • Set goals and Budgets.
  • Select the suitable location
  • Select the Date and Invite the guests.
  • Find the catering for the event
  • Create a strong team!
  • Promote or Marketing the event.

What kind of events can you organize?

There are different types of events you can organize:

  • Culture: Exhibitions, shows, folkloristic events.
  • Entertainment: Music concerts, festivals, fashion shows, auditoriums, and film festivals.
  • Sports: Individual competitions, matches, or tournaments.
  • Business events: Business conferences, public seminars.
  • Family: Wedding events, birthday parties, anniversary
How to become a party organizer

How to become a party organizer

8 steps to become a party organizer:

  1. Develop skills and gain experience
  2. Learn about the industry
  3. Find out the specialized sector
  4. Take care of the legal necessities.
  5. Create a business plan
  6. Choose trustable and skilled team members
  7. Build connections with vendors
  8. Promotions and Marketing skills.

Conclusion About How to become an event organizer

Starting your career as an events organizer can be a good choice. But there are many considerations that you have to follow. Among these steps, updating yourself with the latest trends is also very important. Always opt for new and unique ideas to make the events more enjoyable. Focusing on customer comfort and satisfaction can lead you to a mountain of success.

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